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"I'm Fine, and You?"

On the outside, you do seem fine. You go to work, you take care of the kids, do the laundry, remember all the important dates, make dinner. You are seen as strong and capable. You get up each day and function, doing what needs to be done. But on the inside you feel a little lost, not quite sure who you are anymore. You miss yourself, wondering when exactly did you become the adult who is supposed to know how to manage life, where did the young, passionate, spontaneous person go? You feel a little trapped, stuck in a life that is moving full force ahead without enough breathing room. You feel tired, sad, burnt out and irritable, simultaneously wanting space and time alone and wanting to just feel fully present in the life you have created.

Sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night and toss and turn, worrying about the future, the past, the world, your health, your finances, your relationship, your aging parents, your growing children. And somewhere between the moments of overwhelm and the moments of gratitude, you know that things could be better, could feel better. That the person you are meant to be, that the life you want to be living is possible. And not in the if only I could lose weight/win the lottery/reach some unachievable perfection then my life would be great way. But in the I am already good enough, living more authentically, truly enjoying life kind of way. You know something needs to change – but where do you start?

Take a moment and commit to a small change, a daily practice that takes you in the direction you’d like to be going. Trust what comes to mind – 5 minutes of mindfulness, or journaling. Beginning or ending the day by listing gratitudes. Writing I am Enough on a post-it and putting it somewhere you’ll read it daily. Set your phone to remind you to take a deep breath throughout the day. These seemingly insignificant acts can start the momentum towards bigger change and greater healing.

Ready for more? Therapy will give you a safe, confidential place to talk about whatever you are experiencing and to begin creating the changes you desire. Call or text 707-861-8648 for a free consultation today.

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